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Ultra Compact Automotive Computers

The ScanGauge product line integrates advanced Trip Computers, Digital Gauges and an easy to use Scan Tool into a small and compact package, designed to fit almost anywhere. The ScanGaugeII and the new J1939/J1708 compatibleScanGaugeII and the new J1939/J1708 compatible ScanGaugeD both feature the exclusive X-Gauge™ programmable gauge system and a built in Performance Monitor™, while the ScanGaugeE provides a real-time fuel economy feedback graph and built-in CO2 footprint gauges.

ScanGauge E

ScanGauge E

ScanGauge II

ScanGauge II

ScanGauge D

ScanGauge D

  • Fuel Saving Features!
  • Compact size 

    Fits almost anywhere!

  • ScanGaugeII & ScanGaugeE Work On all 1996 & Newer Cars and Light Trucks 

    Including: Gas, Diesel, Propane and Hybrid Vehicles with

  • ScanGaugeII & ScanGaugeE Work On All OBDII Protocols 

    Including CAN, required on all vehicles starting in 2008.

  • ScanGaugeD works with J1938 & J1708 ProtocolPerfect for Diesel pusher RV’s and over the road, long-haul trucks.
  • Detachable Cable 

    Allows for easy portability from vehicle to vehicle.

  • Easy Menu Driven Operation 

    No need to memorize complex sequences

  • Large High Contrast LCD 

    User changeable back light color

  • Money Back Guarantee! 

    30 day unconditional money back guarantee!!


More than just a OBDII scan tool, the ScanGauge product line provides real-time feedback about your driving style, more than 15 standard digital gauges, built-in trip computers, performance features and much more…

Support Centrum

ScanGauge products are compatible with most vehicles 1996 or newer. For a complete list of compatible vehicles, user manuals and quick-start guides, please click below:

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