Feature Comparison


Not sure which ScanGauge is right for you? Compare the features of the ScanGaugeII and the ScanGaugeE.

For advanced features such as X-Gauge™, the exclusive programmable gauge system and the Performance Monitor™ which provides the ability to track performance parameters over short periods of time and distance, choose the ScanGaugeII.

If you’re looking for fuel saving features or you want to monitor your vehicle’s CO2 footprint, choose the ScanGaugeE. With features like an instant fuel efficiency feedback graph and real-time CO2 gauges, the ScanGaugeE is a great fit.

Maybe you want the best of what both units have to offer. The ScanGaugeII and ScanGaugeE can be daisy chained together to create the ultimate ScanGauge.

ScanGaugeII-125x125 ScanGaugeE-125x125 ScanGaugeD-125x125
OBDII Interface
J1939 & J1708 Interface
Scan Tool Functions
Built in Digital Gauges
Built-in Trip Computers
Color Backlite Display
English & Metric read outs
Performance Features
X-Gauge Feature
User Programmable Commands
MPG Graph Display
Computes Horsepower in real-time
Computes CO2 emitted by vehicle.
Overall Dimensions Height: 1.5in (38.1mm)
Width: 4.8in (121.92mm)
Depth: 1.0in (25.4mm)
Height: 1.4in (35.56mm)
Width: 3.6in (91.44mm)
Depth: 1.0in (25.4mm)
Height: 1.5in (38.1mm)
Width: 4.8in (121.92mm)
Depth: 1.0in (25.4mm)