Vehicle Compatibility


Vehicle Compatibility for ScanGaugeII and ScanGaugeE

The ScanGauge family of products are designed to plug directly into the diagnostics connector or OBDII port under the dash of 1996 and new cars and light trucks. Some vehicles built prior to 1996 may also be compatible with ScanGauge products.

For a full listing of vehicle compatibility, choose the appropriate compatibility list below, based on the model year of your vehicle.

Partial Compatibility

Some vehicles do not provide all of the possible information.The following list applies to the vehicle that fall within this category:

About 10% of vehicles provide Fuel Pressure (FPR).
About 50% of vehicles provide Manifold-Absolute-Pressure (MAP).
Chrysler vehicles with Multi-Displacement Systems will report inaccurate MPG values.

1995 and Older

Vehicle manufactured prior to 1996 where not required to implement an OBDII port in their vehicles. This does not necessarily mean your vehicle is not compatible.



1996 and Newer

The ScanGauge family of products are generally fully compatible with vehicles manufactured after 1996. View a list of known exceptions.